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Cumbernauld College students prepare to go to the polls

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:43 GMT on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011.

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STUDENTS at Cumbernauld College and Cumbernauld College's East Dunbartonshire Campus are about to go to the polls, to vote for their Vice President.

Students will go to the polls tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, with the remaining Office Bearers positions being filled by an election next week. 

This year's candidates for the role are Rees Noctor, HNC Sound Production and Lauren Huggins, HNC Social Science.

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Delivering their statements, Vice Presidential candidates said,

Lauren Huggins, HNC Social Science: “Last year I was the Health and Well-being Officer for the college and enjoyed the role thoroughly.  This year I wish to take a more involved role as I feel I am mature enough now and have the experience to flourish.  Last year the head of committee abdicated leaving the burden to the rest of the team.  I was disappointed by the amount of help and activities that were produced and want this year for the Student Association to have a much greater impact on the college and the many students in a large variety of ways.  I am strong enough as a person and have gained the confidence to stand up for those who need help and hope to be a support to students as the Association should be.”

Rees Noctor, HNC Sound Production: “I believe I am a suitable candidate for this post for many reasons.  Firstly I was the Equal Opportunities Officer last year and worked closely with the current Student President James Brady.  Due to him filling the post of President last year, due to unforeseen circumstances, I filled the role of Vice President and greatly enjoyed the experience.  Also, due to joing the TA during the summer I feel I have gained many qualities such as leadership skills which I feel will benefit the Association and Cumbernauld College overall.  I am looking forward to campaigning and taking part in an Association this year who are committed to the students of the college.”

Students, in Cumbernauld College, can get their ballot paper in the College Learning Centre at the Main Campus and at students at Cumbernauld College's East Dunbartonshire campus can get their ballot papers from the reception desk.

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