Cumbernauld households should have at least one working smoke alarm
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:48 GMT on Wednesday 9th January, 2013.
Households should have 1 smoke alarm to stop fire tragedies.

FIREFIGHTERS have renewed their call for the public to help ensure every home has at least one working smoke alarm, after tragedy struck communities over the festive period.

Incidents saw homes ruined and people injured but several areas were also left in mourning - as three people lost their lives through fire.

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue is urging everyone to join the fight against fire and help the Service protect communities across the West of Scotland.

Assistant Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay, the Director of Community Safety, explained: "Recent tragedies are a stark reminder of the danger fire poses to every community.

"In the event of a fire, a smoke alarm will give you, and your family, vital life-saving minutes to escape safely. Every household in Strathclyde should have at least one working smoke alarm."

Working closely with the public to identify risks and take action to prevent fires is top of the Fire Service agenda. Strathclyde Fire & Rescue officers are clear that everyone can make a real difference, potentially saving the life of someone they know.

ACO Ramsay added: "We have no better ally in the fight against fire than the public and, with their help, we can ensure homes are fire-safe.

"Most people look out for someone - like an elderly friend, neighbour or relative - who may be at increased risk from fire.

"People are sometimes concerned about bothering the Fire Service, but we really do want to hear from you. We want to stop fires breaking out in the first place and are only interested in helping our communities stay safe.

"If you, or someone you know, doesn't have a working smoke alarm I would urge you to fit one immediately or call Strathclyde Fire & Rescue on 0800 0731 999.  We will supply and fit long life smoke alarms and a heat alarm free of charge."

Firefighters will happily arrange to conduct a free Home Fire Safety Visit at a time suitable for the householder, giving them advice on how they can make sure they live in a fire-safe home.

To arrange a free Home Fire Safety Visit for you or someone you know, call Strathclyde Fire & Rescue on 0800 0731 999 or text "check" to 61611. You can also get in touch by calling your local community fire station.
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