Henderson Buses confirm 10p rise on selected fares to cover staff wage rises
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:02 GMT on Wednesday 9th January, 2013.
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LANARKSHIRE bus operators Henderson Travel have announced that there will be a minimal fares rise to allow for staff pay increases.

The fares rise will cost some service users between 5-10 pence, and will affect single fares under £2.50 from Sunday 13th January.

“We [Henderson Travel] have just announced a pay rise for all HTBuses employees. In order to pay for this there will be a fare increase for fares up to £2.50,” a spokesperson confirmed on Twitter.

“The fares increase conforms to the SPT maximum fare scale which increased in September our fares increase will happen Sunday 13 January.

“It's our policy of keeping commuter and family fares low so we have absolutely no plans to increase these.”

The decision was announced on Saturday afternoon although the bus operator has tried to reassure passengers via micro-blogging website, Twitter that commuters and higher fare options will not be affected.

“Fares increase from 13 Jan only affects single fares under £2.50 and will be 5 or 10p increase Multi journey fares are not affected,” the company told their followers.
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