Get Cumbernauld Healthy issue top five tips for staying in shape throughout 2013
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:16 GMT on Wednesday 9th January, 2013.
SOME Cumbernauld residents may have already broken their New Year resolutions. However, if you have decided to stick with your resolutions and you promised yourself that you’d get in shape then take these tips from Get Cumbernauld Healthy, exclusive to Cumbernauld Media.

For many the occasion of New Year means a 'new you', a new image and new found confidence. That means that for many people midnight on 31st December resolutions would have been made and getting in shape will be number one on many peoples’ lists.

Fitness experts at Get Cumbernauld Healthy in Craigmarloch have come up with the top five things that will have the fitness industry buzzing in 2013.

Personal trainer John Allan commented: “Every year there is a new trend that everybody wants to be involved with from the beginning.

“A few years ago Pilates and Yoga was the big thing, but the New Year brings new ideas. Everybody wants to be a trendsetter and get in on the ground floor, trainers and clients alike.”

Here are John's top five fitness trends that everyone will be talking about in 2013

Strength Training

Strength training is going to be this year’s big thing and it’s no longer going to be seen as a male- dominated area of fitness. Images during the Olympics of athletes like Jessica Ennis showing of a six-pack have women everywhere desperate to have one too. The focus for women now is not just on being healthier but stronger as well.

Core Training

One word you will hear more than any during 2013 will be core. The majority of people will automatically think sit-ups, but this is not the way to get a six pack. In fact, overdoing the sit ups will lead to back pain. The best way to increase core strength is to do things like the plank and the many variations thereof as well as lifting weights. The weight must be heavy enough to challenge the body, and don't worry ladies, you will not 'bulk up'. That is just a myth. It is hard enough for guys to bulk up and they have all the right hormones.

Online Training Programmes

More and more instructors are focussing their attentions online where they can sell their workouts and nutrition programmes to people all over the country and in some cases all over the world. The public have a thirst for home workouts too; you only have to look at the fitness DVD market to figure that out. With the advent of Facebook, Skype and Google Hangouts it is easier than ever to train people wherever they are in the world.

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT)

The buzz over HIIT is only going to get stronger next year the principle of short, quick, intense workouts gets applied to everything. One of the hottest HIIT workouts is known as Tabata style: you work at maximum effort for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat. HIIT training will start popping up in boot camp classes, kettlebell formats, and spinning workouts this year.


This is really growing in popularity with customers and more and more trainers are adopting it into their workouts and nutrition programmes. Customers are no longer satisfied with just being told not to eat sugar, they want to know why. They want to know why they binge out on carbs sometimes and what leads them to go off the rails when dieting.
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