Cumbernauld South Councillor and active anti-Abronhill High closure activist says Labour’s consultation should be “illegal”  and appeals for a “massive turnout” at the vote on February 6th
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:23 GMT on Tuesday 15th January, 2013.
CUMBERNAULD South SNP Councillor, Paddy Hogg has taken to Facebook to comment on a North Lanarkshire Council report which looks into the council’s proposals to close Abronhill High School and amalgamate its staff and students with Cumbernauld High School.
The proposal will be voted on it early February as North Lanarkshire Councillors prepare to vote on a package of £73.3 million savings.
The report, realised this morning, makes it clear that alternative proposals are “not viable” and despite recognising the “immense response” the report appears to suggest that the proposal should go ahead.
Commenting, via Facebook, Councillor Hogg said: “Prepare for the Labour led vote on 6th February to close Abronhill High school and the crackpot proposal of merging with Cumbernauld High school and the inevitable educational and community chaos (not transitional management, but chaos) that ensues. YOU won the argument with superior evidence within submissions BUT sadly Truth is only what the establishment says it is at the time!!!
“I have never read more gobbldygook semi-professional waffle, excuse making disguised as evidence and patronising pseudo-educational claptrap in my life and most of it has sweet FA to do with the most important issue of all, achieving educational standards for your children.
“The report selectively paraphrases points made by consultees, sometimes distorting the evidence presented and misses out key evidence presented - such as the FACT that NLC got more money from the Scottish government this financial year than the last financial year: meaning there is no justification for the savage £73 million cuts which are primarily down to excessive loans/borrowing by NLC in the past and NOT THE FAULT OF THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT - a blatant LIE peddled by labour councillors and MSP's.
“Politicians who lie to the people deserve to be booted out of office! The fact that NLC got MORE CASH from the Scottish government is critical but how strange it is omitted from my submission! No surprise.
“The alternative schemata for usage of AHS are roundly dismissed with arrogance, despite their legitimate veracity in that they would save NLC money. This is not a consultation that shows democracy in action!
“Labour did not put the closure of AHS on their election leaflets in May and have no mandate to close the school. It therefore should be illegal, but it is not, as that is what our phoney 'democracy' allows those in power to do ie whatever they want.
“There are too many big silverback dominace animal egos involved here for them to back down and listen to reason (Read Prof Carl Sagan's last book The Demon Haunted World which warns about this type of human behaviour and the disaster it spells for democracy). NLC need to save money due to excessive overspending in the past so AHS and its community are in the telescopic sights to take the hit for NLC's overspending in other areas of NL. A massive turnout from ALL OF CUMBERNAULD AREA is required on 6th Feb at Motherwell with the Ministerial call in letters ready to go.” 
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