Blog 2: Get Cumbernauld Healthy coach John Allan talks about you are what you think you are
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:10 GMT on Sunday 20th January, 2013.
IN HIS second blog for Cumbernauld Media, Get Cumbernauld Healthy coach, John Allan talks about how your mind set and how you are what you think you are.
In last week’s offering I was talking about your thoughts. You are what you think you are. FACT!
Your current circumstances and where you are in life right now is the effects of what you have been thinking about to this point.
Therefore your future is shaped by YOU.
Going back to the getting healthy subject and being able to achieve your goals is all down to what goes on in your head.
Can you visualise what it is you want to achieve?
If you can't see yourself doing it, if you can’t imagine yourself doing it, then do you really think it will happen?
See it, live it and act as if it already has happened. Clear a space in your wardrobe where the smaller clothes will live. Buy some smaller clothes; write your ideal weight on a piece of paper and stick it on the bathroom scales over the dial. Every time you weigh yourself and look down, you’ll be your ideal weight.
Imagine how that would feel. (NEXT WEEK I’LL TELL YOU WHY YOU SHOULDN’T BOTHER WHAT THE SCALES SAY! An end to the scales dictating your mood)
These things are just a part of the bigger picture. You also need a driving force to propel you forward and keep you focussed.
This is where INSPIRATION comes in.
Motivation as I mentioned last week pretty much sucks as it will wane and disappear long before you succeed.
To find your inspiration you need to find your ‘WHY’. Why do you want to lose weight? This is just the outer layer of the onion you are about to peel.
Inspiration lies at the centre of the onion.
We do this exercise with our clients
JA: Why do you want to lose weight?
Client: To be able to buy smaller clothes and look good and KNOW I look good in them.
JA: Why do you want to buy smaller clothes and look good in them?
Client: Because I hate to see myself in the mirror wearing big baggy T shirts and trousers
JA: Why?
Client: It makes me feel self-conscious and unhappy with my body
JA: Why?
Client: I don’t like what I see and I'd rather hide it away
JA: Why?
Client: It doesn't make me feel attractive or sexy
JA: Why?
Client: Because everything wobbles, nothing looks good on me, and I don't want to be the fat mum at the school gates
JA: Why?
Client: I don't want to embarrass the kids, plus I don't want to miss out when they are having fun. I want to join in.
JA: Why?
Client: Because all I can do is watch them play, I want to join in and can’t keep up with them
As you can see, I have only asked WHY to every answer they gave. They've done all the work. It is a super simple exercise that can be done on your own.
From the example above it is a very personal thing. As you get right into the heart of the matter your inspiration will emerge. You will know when you get there, because one of two things will happen.
1. You keep getting the same answer when you ask why, and go round in circles
2. The tears will stream down your face
Keeping up with the kids is inspiration in itself, but being around for your kids to watch them grow up is huge. What more do you need to drive you to better health and wellness.
Can you see now why inspiration leaves motivation for dead?
Remember motivation is from the outside, doing something because your friend is, and going along for the ride versus doing something to be able to watch your kids grow up….No contest.
Once the onion is well and truly peeled, write down your ‘WHY’ and stick it everywhere you’ll see it. It needs to be in your face and uppermost in the mind. Couple that with the belief you will be able to achieve and you have a winning combination.
Until next week; stay healthy, stay strong.
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