Council should get round the table to discuss cuts after consultation “sham”
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:17 GMT on Sunday 20th January, 2013.
Picture is copyright of North Lanarkshire Council.
TRADE Unions have called for North Lanarkshire Council to sit round the table with them and discuss the impact of any savings measures.
Unison, one of the county’s biggest unions has called for North Lanarkshire Council to get round the table before making any savings decisions, which are expected to save the local authority £73.3 million.
Unison made the appeal as the council announced that they would decide upon the savings on 14th February, with 1,300 jobs on the line.
John Mooney, Unison’s local branch secretary, said: “Our members are calling our office on a daily basis asking their union for more information on the cuts.
“With just over a month before the council’s budget day, it’s imperative that we know the details and that we have the opportunity to discuss alternatives with the council.
“Most importantly, we want to know if there are any other cuts being planned following the sham of a consultation process which took place.”
In December, Unison members showed their opposition to the cuts when they dressed as grim reapers at a rally at the council’s headquarters in Motherwell.
Unison’s Scottish secretary, Mike Kirby, has also joined the North Lanarkshire branch in making calls for more answers from the local authority.
He said: “I joined up with our local branch in North Lanarkshire at the rally in December to demand that the council open up a dialogue with us because we realise just how damaging that £73m cuts package they have been planning will be to our communities, our services and the local economy.
“In the continued absence of any meaningful consultation from the council, and amid the increasing concerns of the workforce, we are asking why the jobs and services should go if the need still exists?”
A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said they would not be making a comment until decisions on savings have been taken.
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