Abronhill High campaigners appeal for council to look towards Glasgow’s example
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:21 GMT on Sunday 10th January, 2013.
Picture is copyright of Cumbernauld Media/ Scott Campbell.
ABRONHILL High School campaigners turned green with envy and red with rage earlier this week, when Scotland’s largest local authority announced that their education department was to be protected in a £70 million savings package.
Glasgow City Council, which is Labour run, declared earlier this week that education and social work services would be protected from cuts "in relative terms".
The council made the pledge while setting out its budget proposals for the next two years, with plans including an £80m investment in the city's primary school estate, £11m for child care and a commitment for two new care homes.
Glasgow City Council treasurer Councillor Paul Rooney said: "Our budgets are under intense pressure, but we can't afford to think small.
"This is a time to focus on our priorities and invest in our people - in education, in communities and in infrastructure.
"We are able to do that because of our effective and prudent stewardship of this council in recent years."
The council, however, declared that it has still to "make substantial savings" as the Scottish government had "slashed the city's share of the national pot".
Councillor Rooney added: "We have had to be innovative and we have had to be bold, but the difficult decisions we took yesterday are paying dividends today as we strive to protect frontline services."
The announcement has been turned many ‘Save Abronhill High School’ campaigners green with envy that such protection cannot be given by North Lanarkshire Council and then red with rage that Scotland’s largest local authority can deliver education budget protection, but not North Lanarkshire Council.
Campaigners declared it “a pity” that the council couldn’t promise a protection of educational services, after the report into the council’s proposed amalgamation of Abronhill High School and Cumbernauld High School was published – declaring that no alternatives were “viable”, and that the closure should go ahead, to the dismay of HMIe.
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