Cumbernauld South Councillor appeals for committee to "reject" Abronhill High closure proposals
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:32 GMT on Monday 4th February, 2013.
A CUMBERNAULD Councillor has made is transparently clear that he is standing side by side with local campaigners, fighting to save Abronhill High School from closure.

Cumbernauld South SNP Councillor, William Goldie has made it clear that he “…would urge” the council’s Learning and Leisure Services Committee to “reject” the proposals to close Abronhill High School and move its staff and student family to Cumbernauld High, in Kildrum.

Councillor Goldie’s statement came ahead of the committee’s meeting this Wednesday (6th February), which will see Councillors vote on recommendations that Abronhill High School should close next year and have its staff and student population move to Cumbernauld High School.

Councillor Goldie said: “On Wednesday 6th February, the Councillors who sit on the Learning and Leisure Committee of North Lanarkshire Council have to make one of the most important decisions on the future of education in Cumbernauld. I would urge the Committee to reject the recommendation made by officers of the Council to close Abronhill High school and merge it with Cumbernauld High.

“I see no educational value in this recommendation to pupils of either school and if it goes ahead, it will have a devastating effect on both communities. In addition, I fear for the existence of Abronhill Shopping Centre if Abronhill High is closed. The recommendation of a twelve month delay does nothing to assist the pupils, parents or communities. Cumbernauld High will not be upgraded over the year and the walking routes from Abronhill will not be extensively improved. The whole process will have a knock on effect on the other schools in Cumbernauld with a number of placing requests having already been received by Greenfaulds High.

“I believe that the whole process has been financially driven and I would encourage rejection of the recommendations.”

North Lanarkshire Council will decide upon a savings package of £73.3million on 14th February.
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