Love your heart always, not just on Valentine's Day
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 01:19 GMT on Monday 4th February, 2013.
VALENTINE’s Day shouldn’t be the only day in the calendar when people look after their hearts.

Health and fitness professional John Allan from Get Cumbernauld Healthy says that we need to focus on our hearts every day to live longer and healthier lives.

“The heart is the most important muscle and just a small amount of cardio exercise will keep it functioning properly. Even as little as ten minutes a day can make a huge difference,” John told Cumbernauld Media.

“I know a lot of guys who get a lot of exercise on Valentine’s Day by running around at the last minute trying to get a gift for their significant other but if they were to do that every day, it would really improve the health of their heart.

Get Cumbernauld Healthy recommends that people avoid the three common ingredients; smoking, saturated fats and salts.

“Smokers are twice as likely as non-smokers to have heart disease and quitting is a no- brainer with all the health issues it can cause,” John added.

“There are lots of hidden saturated fats and salts in processed food, fast food and ready meals I would strongly advise people to check the content of the ingredients of any food they buy”.
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