Community give Councillors' response the thumbs down
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:39 GMT on Tuesday 19th February, 2013.
Picture is copyright of Save Abronhill High School campaign.
CUMBERNAULD residents have responded vigorously to statements released by local Labour Councillors Stephanie Muir and Allan Graham, on why they voted in favour of Abronhill High School closing next year.
The decision was taken on 6th February and now means that pupils will be transferred to Cumbernauld High School next summer.
However, after the result was announced, social media condemned the actions of Graham and Muir who claimed at an election hustings that they would be “rebels” and defy their Labour group whip.
Since the social media outburst, the two Councillors released statements appearing to reject the criticisms and choosing to focus on the possibility of a new school, in four years’ time.
Responding to the comments by the Councillors, irritated residents talked to Cumbernauld Media via Facebook.
Shirley Drummond said: “Highlighting that a new school will be built, is smoke and mirrors. Abronhill pupils should not be shunted to an inferior school until this new school is built ( and i'll believe that, when i see it!!!! ). the children of Abronhill will suffer and an ex- pupil should NEVER have voted the way Stephanie Muir did. They were Labour sheep following the party line.”
Fiona Cross: “Councillors Graham and Muir statement shows they made a mockery of the consultation process by saying they went with the party whip. They had no intention to listen to the people of Abronhill. I doubt NLC would have consulted us at all if it wasn't a legal requirement.”
Dianne Campbell: “The fact that Stephanie Muir stated that she would do everything she could to save the school then went back on her word! Typical labour but what she fails to remember a new election has still to come...No wonder she feels as if she's being picked on.”
Fiona Ogg: “A Public Consultation is there for the Council and Politicians to listen to the people they represent. It's a shame that the majority in NLC feel that the public's views don't count. No new school has been guaranteed and The HMIE report was against the merger. The future of the school and the Community is being discounted by those who are supposed to be serving the community..Disgraceful, the demise of democracy!”
Carol Ann Wood: “everytime there has to be money saved cumbernauld gets hit. the community of cumbernauld and abronhill in paricular pay for the mess NLC have made when spending money on useless things such has waves and statues. Our kids get nothing while we watch other areas of nlc get new schools new parks were is our share of improvments. NLC have already shut 1 schol and 2 nurserys in abronhill where are they going to stop cause i dont see it stopping with our high school. They will keep going till there is nothing left for our community.”
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