Plans are laid out for two new Cumbernauld forests
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:22 GMT on Tuesday 19th February, 2013.
THE Central Scotland Forest Trust is planning to start two new forests in Cumbernauld, it has been revealed.
The Trust, who have planted over 16,500,000 trees look after, maintain and monitor Central Scotland’s forestry.
Now, the charity has turned its eye to Cumbernauld, unveiling the group’s plans to plant two new forests in Cumbernauld, by spring 2014.
The group hopes to develop two new woodland areas in the area, as part of a plan to improve and expanding on existing wooded areas, in addition to constructing new forests.
According to the Cumbernauld Environmental Society, the two new woodlands would be located at Palacerigg and Blairlin, and known as “Sandyknowes” and “Millcroft”.
The Cumbernauld Environmental Society website talks of the project: “The schemes would be planted with a mix of conifer and broadleaf trees with the intention of: providing future woodfuel for boilers in buildings owned by North Lanarkshire Council that run off wood chip (there are currently 6 of these); creating longer-term woodland, especially around the fringes of the site, that can be used to off-set carbon emissions and help to achieve carbon reduction targets for North Lanarkshire Council; and to secure public access where practical across the land – although at present there is little public access taken or demanded in the areas in their present condition.”
According to plans drafted by the Central Scotland Forest Trust, the Sandyknowes site  will be 50% Sitka Sprice, 8% Red Alder, 2% Rowan, 12% Downy Birch, 10% Aspen, 2% Hawthorn, 2% Common Alder, 8% Goat Willow and 6% Grey Willow. By contrast, the Millcroft site will be comprised of 12.5% Scots Pine, 15% Red Alder, 4.5% Rowan, 14% Downy Birch, 10% Silver Birch, 12% Aspen, 2% Hawthorn, 12% Sessile Oak, 2% Hazel, 3% Cherry, 6% Goat Willow and 7% Grey Willow.
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