Campaigners vow to keep up the fight as they meet this evening
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:46 GMT on Tuesday 19th February, 2013.
Picture is copyright of Save Abronhill High School campaign.
ABRONHILL High School campaigners are continuing their battle to save the now axed school.
The school which was made famous by Scottish film Gregory’s Girl will close next year if the campaigners are unsuccessful in their plea to the Scottish Government.
North Lanarkshire Council’s Learning and Leisure Services committee voted in favour of Abronhill High closing up shop next summer at a meeting of the committee on Wednesday 6th February.
The school’s closure is part of a £64m savings package decided by North Lanarkshire Council on Wednesday 6th February, 2013.
The decision to close Abronhill High School has earned Labour massive criticism from Cumbernauld residents, with Councillors Graham and Muir releasing statements to defend their voting record, after they were named in social media posts describing peoples’ anger at the authority’s decision.
Since the decision, however, campaigners have vowed to battle on and they will now take their case to the Scottish Government to appeal for a Ministerial call-in on the decision.
Following a Save Abronhill High School campaign Burn’s Supper, the group have focused their efforts on appealing to the Scottish Government.
Councillor Patrick Hogg has been a long-time advocate of maintaining Abronhill High School, declaring that he never found any educational or financial benefits in the proposals.
Commenting, the SNP Councillor said: “I’m writing up my Call-in request for Scottish ministers; hoping they can halt the closure of Abronhill High school - will email it off on Wednesday or Thursday, this week.”
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn has also announced that he will be requesting a call-in after declaring the council’s decision a “disgrace”.
Mr Hepburn said: “The parents, pupils and wider community of Abronhill have run a tireless and excellent campaign to keep the school open. 
"The arguments for Abronhill High School to remain open are as valid now as ever before, and the next step is to see if the Scottish Government will call this proposal in.  I will be writing to them to make such a request shortly.”
The campaign are tonight holding a meeting in the Abronhill Community Centre, between 7.30pm and 8.30pm, to discuss the possibility of a Ministerial Call-in.
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