Cumbernauld will have its broadband upgraded after BT U-turn
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 18:10 GMT on Tuesday 19th February, 2013.
Picture is copyright of Cumbernauld Media/ Scott Campbell.
BRITISH Telecom have gone back on their comments that upgrading Cumbernauld’s broadband connection would not be “commercially viable”.
The move now means that thousands of Cumbernauld residents may finally get the improved broadband services which they have been demanding for years, after BT rethought about their decision.
The company made the comments bacnk in November 2012, when BT said that a project to install superfast broadband in Craigmarloch would have to be put on hold as increasing power costs meant that the project was no longer “commercially viable”.
Since then, however, the company has reassured the local community that the project will go ahead and that they will be upgrading five cabinets serving Carrickstone, Craigmarloch, Westfield and Smithstone.
A spokesman for BT said: “BT’s £2.5 billion fibre programme is one of the largest engineering projects being carried out in Europe, and as with any project of this scale, magnitude and complexity there will always be a need for flexibility and change.”
The upgrades to the Cumbernauld services are part of a nationwide programme aimed at  improving the country’s broadband connection, although a date has yet to be set for when the project will be completed, locally.
The spokesman added: “When these cabinets were originally included within the deployment it was because they had met the criteria for commercial viability. It was only when our planners received details of the power costs that this then changed the status from acceptable to below required threshold.
“These cabinets have since undergone a further review which has put them back into the fibre schedule.
“At the moment we can’t provide an exact date for when these cabinets will be deployed as there is a considerable amount of work still to be carried out to provide the power to the cabinets.”
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