Town's Bell's Bridge becomes history
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 18:07 GMT on Tuesday 26th February, 2013.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and used on his courtesy.
CUMBERNAULD’S Bell’s Bridge has been demolished after nearly a month of planning and preparation by Network Rail.
Taken down over Sunday afternoon, the old bridge’s demolition made way for a new bridge to be erected, a structure which was completed a number of weeks ago.
The old bridge was taken down to allow for overhead electrical wires to fit beneath the new structure, as the Cumbernauld line is upgraded as part of the Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvements Programme.
Concerns, however, were raised about the sand-stone used to construct Bell’s Bridge, with local residents fearing the worst for the future of the historic stones.
On 19th February, Cumbernauld Media learned that the sand-stones would, however, be recycled and re-used in other railway structure projects, by Network Rail.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and used on his courtesy.
Talking on the future of the stones, last week, a Network Rail said: “The sandstones used to construct Bell’s Bridge will be recycled, cut down in size and reused in other structures, such as buildings or bridges.”
Now, however, the historic structure has been demolished and the stones are now on their way to be recycled by local masonry company, Masonry Solutions Ltd, based at Napier Court, Cumbernauld Media can reveal.
We contacted Masonry Solutions Ltd to ask about where the refurbished stones will go and how long the touch-up will take. Nobody was available for comment.
View our gallery of the demolition below. Pictures are copyright of Bill Henry and are used on his courtesy.
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