Directing themselves out of Cumbernauld; Sports Direct to leave the town, sources say
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 18:46 GMT on Tuesday 26th February, 2013.
CUMBERNAULD Media has learned that the town’s former JJB Sports shop will not be joining the Sports Direct franchise.
A company source informed Cumbernauld Media that staff members at the store were told, late last week, about the decision.
The source confirmed that current employees, at the Cumbernauld store, are now on temporary thirty-day proviso contracts until Sports Direct can find any open vacancies at other outlets.
The Antonine Shopping Centre store is rumoured to be killed off by the franchise due to ever-increasing unit rent prices, which leave many other units in the new Antonine complex vacant.
Cumbernauld Media had attempted to contact Sports Direct in respect of the suggestions made. However, no response was given before the publication of this article.
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