Blog 6, by John Allan: ‘How Healthy Is Your Wheelie Bin?’
Written by John Allan.
Published at 19:04 GMT on Tuesday 26th February, 2013.
CUMBERNAULD fitness guru John Allan once again writes for Cumbernauld Media. This latest blog is entitled ‘How Healthy Is Your Wheelie Bin?’
I know what's going through your mind... 'He's lost it this time'
Maybe I have. But think about it for a minute. In my former fat days, which do make an appearance every so often when I go off the rails, the contents of my wheelie bin would be a shit load of cardboard.
Not only cardboard but cartons, containers, plastic everywhere. Any left-over 'food' would be in exactly the same state as that in which I binned in the first place.
Oh yeah, and my bin would be overflowing. Flip that, to a healthy wheelie bin where there would be very little food waste, if any. Pretty much everything is eaten. Nothing is wasted. Because the food is fresh, it comes with no packaging or very little.
Also notice that leftover fresh food will start to break down and go mouldy unlike the processed plastic crap out of a box. It's the cauliflower in the bin...honest! It's the cauliflower in the bin...honest! Granted it may smell like the dog needs to go a walk and get rid of his excess pedigree chum, but a small price to pay for good health.
How do you think that plastic, 'kid on' food affects your body? Just humour me here. I know everywhere has different coloured wheelie bins for different materials.
But back in the day when everything all got chucked out into the one bin... if your wheelie bin was to blow over in the wind and everything was to tip out all over the driveway or the street.
Would you be embarrassed by the amount of junk blowing in the wind? (Cue Bob Dylan) Sweetie papers; fast food cartons; left over rice slobbered in curry sauce; a huge empty tub or two of ice cream; and, following up the rear, the remnants of the kids' chicken nuggets.
Not only that, but your bin contents are heading straight for Mrs Pendergast’s newly mono-blocked driveway.
Think of it this way... the more rubbish you put in the wheelie bin unpacking your food, the more rubbish you've put into your body. And don't use the kids as an excuse.
Don't they deserve real food?
How healthy is your bin? Is it having trouble containing everything, without it bulging at the seams? Maybe there's a link right there?
The health of your body and your bin is closely correlated. The only difference is you bin gets cleansed every 1-2 weeks. Look after your bin, be kind to it and your body will love you for it.
Until next time - Stay Healthy, Stay Strong. John.
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