Cumbernauld charity football match planned, in aid of Yorkhill
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 19:09 GMT on Tuesday 5th March, 2013.
The Dynamic Duo behind the match. Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and used on his courtesy.

CUMBERNAULD’S Broadwood Stadium will host a special one-off charity football match, next month.

The match will be in aid of Children’s Hospital, Yorkhill, on Saturday 27th April, between 7pm and midnight. 

The ‘2013 Football’ organisers have appealed for people throughout Cumbernauld and beyond to get involved with the fundraiser; asking adults to purchase a ticket for £5 and children, £3. 

In an exclusive interview with Cumbernauld Media, organisers Philip Nicoletti and David Morrison said that the reason for the event was because of Yorkhill’s determination to save David’s cousin, who was aided back to health by the Glasgow-based Children’s Hospital.

Philip talks to our own Scott Campbell. Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and used on his courtesy.

Philip said: “We regularly organise charity match between men and boys every year.”

“This year was different; however, as my friend David Morrison told me about his younger cousin who nearly passed away last year and we felt that Yorkhill Children’s Hospital was the appropriate charity to fundraise for.”

Talking about the people who have helped to organise this year’s fundraiser Philip talked about the “great people” who have chosen to help out.

Two heads are better than one. Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and used on his courtesy.

He said: “We’ve had a number of great people come on board to help us. In the foreground, it’s obviously David and I; David has helped me to make this fundraiser bigger than it wouldn’t have been without him. And, Kerrie, who works in Yorkhill; acting as our liaison for assistance and help with things such as sponsor sheets, badges and T-shirts. 

“We’ve obviously also been asking people for their support though Twitter. Kerrie’s been dealing with a lot of the social media side of the campaign, asking stars such as Lee McCulloch and Lorraine Kelly, among others, for support, with the final result being they are sending stuff through that we can either raffle or auction off.”

I Love Yorkhill T-shirt. Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and used on his courtesy.

Talking about the group’s targets, fellow organiser, David Morrison said that they felt they were “on track” to raise more than expected.

David said: “Our original target was around £1,000, although I now think that we are on track to beat this target, simply because the event has snowballed; it’s much bigger than we originally planned it to be.”

The event will take part at Broadwood Stadium, on Saturday 27th April, 2013, with the doors opening at 7pm. Tickets are priced at £5 for adults and £3 for children. However, the event won’t just be about sport, David added.

He said: “It’s not just about football. There will be dancers, bands and singers.”

You can purchase tickets via the group’s Facebook profile, Twitter stream or you can e-mail them. View our slideshow of our interview with the boys below. All images are used on the courtesy of Bill Henry.

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