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11 jobs lost as Sports Direct close their proposed Cumbernauld store

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 18:22 GMT on Saturday 9th March, 2013.
THE shutters at Cumbernauld’s former JJB Sports store have been pulled down for the final time.

Last Tuesday (26th February) Cumbernauld Media revealed that the Antonine Centre was to lose the unit, which has been attentively named ‘Closed down’ since October, last year.

In October 2012, Sports Direct announced it had bought over a number of JJB Sports stores, after the company that owned them went into administration. The move saved 11 jobs at the JJB Cumbernauld store.

The buy-out included 19 other JJB stores, saving some 550 jobs. 
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Now, however, employees at the former Cumbernauld store have been served redundancy notices, and the shutters have come down at their former Antonine Shopping Centre store.

Sports Direct have not yet been available for comment over the issue, however, sources point to letting arrangements being the problem behind the closure.

The whole saga now means that Cumbernauld will not be welcoming Sports Direct to its Antonine Shopping Centre. 

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