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Cumbernauld steps out of the limelight as BBC drama concludes

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:41 GMT on Thursday 14th March, 2013.
Picture is copyright of the BBC, 2013.

CUMBERNAULD’S turn in the limelight is over as the hit BBC drama, ‘The Crash’, concluded on Tuesday night.

‘The Crash’ was a two one-hour special series, inspired by real-life events and dramatizes a fatal car crash that devastates a small community. 

Set in a small English town, the series tells the story of the collision from the point of view of the people involved, and is based on extensive interviews and research, although the filming location is far from England.

Areas throughout Cumbernauld and Kilsyth were used as the backdrop for the programme and the most prominent areas of Cumbernauld to stick out were the town’s Village, Greenfaulds and Kilsyth’s Main Street. 

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Commissioned on 9th November, 2012, the programme aired on BBC Three at 9pm, last Tuesday, with the concluding episode broadcast on Tuesday night.

The show concluded with an ending that will leave you in tears, as the group become friends once more and take the time to remember their lost friends. 

Originally given the working title, One Day Like This, the series was produced by leading independent production company Darlow Smithson (DSP), and was commissioned by BBC Three, in conjunction with BBC Learning.

Starring Sasha Parkinson (Coronation Street), Georgina Henshaw (Waterloo Road), Lewis Rainer (Dani's House) and Lily Loveless (Skins), the series concluded on BBC Three, last night.

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