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Cumbernauld could lose Clyde as team's relocation plans become serious

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:45 GMT on Thursday 14th March, 2013.

CUMBERNAULD could lose Clyde F.C. as the team gets serious about vacating the town’s Broadwood Stadium facility.

Clyde Football Club set up shop at Cumbernauld’s Broadwood Stadium nearly twenty years ago, in a day once described as a ‘bright new era’ for the team; moving away from them Hamilton home.

In 1994 the Bully Wee were in the Scottish first division, before the owners declared that they  would move to Cumbernauld; a relocation which was considered as the beginning of the club's journey to becoming Scotland's ‘other big team’, according to STV Sport. 

Now, though, Clyde plays at the bottom of Scotland’s professional game, and the team have declared that they are in talks about moving out of Broadwood and starting again.

On Saturday, members of the team met to discuss a proposal which would see the club move across Lanarkshire, to East Kilbride.

The move would leave Cumbernauld in disarray, with many online followers disappointed by the club’s proposals, which would see the team renamed to ‘EK Clyde’ in the process of any move.

Chairman John Alexander hopes that the proposals will receive a positive reaction. “For us it is too early to go into detail,” he said. 
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Mr Alexander also stressed how important it was to the team that they discuss any proposals with their members and supporters. 

He said: “We’re a supporters’ owned club and it is important we engage with them in the next couple of meetings.

“We are proposing the relocation to East Kilbride and the amendment to the name of the club. It would be a few years down the line, maybe two or three.

Although East Kilbride is the largest populated area in Scotland without a senior football team, Clyde F.C. leaving Broadwood would leave the ‘Nauld without a senior football team.

“We’ve started the six week consultation process by asking our members about the proposed move and name change to see how the members feel,” Mr Alexander added.

“They’ll vote on April 20 to make the decision. It is just a proposal just now and detailed discussions will take place after that.”

In 2011, Clyde had proposed a ground-share with East Kilbride Thistle at the town's Showpark, although Mr Alexander said that this time round, the club are looking at a different location.

Clyde’s members are due to vote on 20th April, a vote which could see the club move to yet another new home.

The proposed move, however, is not the first such relocation by the team. For instance, when the club was founded in 1877 it was based by the Glasgow’s River Clyde. However, in 1898, the club moved to Shawfield Stadium, in Rutherglen, where they remained for almost 90 years. Then, the Bully Wee left Shawfield in 1986 and agreed to a ground-share with Partick Thistle. 

Then, in 1990, an agreement was reached for a team move to Broadwood, however it wasn’t ready and Clyde moved in to Old Douglas Park, with Hamilton Accies, in 1991. Clyde didn’t complete their move to Cumbernauld’s Broadwood Stadium until the 1994/95 season.

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