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Burger King respond to Cumbernauld car parking concerns

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:49 GMT on Thursday 14th March, 2013.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

ONLY three weeks ago Cumbernauld Media carried the story of how the town’s motorists were being bombarded by parking restrictions.

On Tuesday 26th February, 2013, Cumbernauld Media informed our readers that the anger centred on the South Muirhead Road Retail Park.

Our story came after a local motorist complained to Cumbernauld Media about their experiences of parking, at the town’s Burger King restaurant.

In our story, we informed you that a local motorist contacted the Cumbernauld Media news desk after being slapped with a £70 fine for overstaying the limit at the Cumbernauld Burger King franchise.

Cumbernauld Media attempted to contact the restaurant chain previous to the story’s publication; asking why they use such restrictions and whether they recognise the argument that they could lose business as a result.

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Now, Burger King has responded, claiming that they were “unclear” that the time limits at the Cumbernauld car parking facility had been altered.

“Cumbernauld BURGER KING® restaurant was recently made aware of the change-of-hands between parking enforcement company Town & City Car Parks to Euro Car Parks,” a spokeswoman told Cumbernauld Media.

“Unfortunately it was unclear to us that the time limit had been reduced from two hours to one hour. “

Burger King has since apologised to customers who have visited their Cumbernauld restaurant by car, telling Cumbernauld Media that they have appealing for an extra grace time.]

“Due to this, we have requested that the retail park owner liaises with Euro Car Park to increase their proposed time-frame to 1.30 hour with an extra 15 minute grace time,” the spokeswoman added.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to all our customers and hope to work closely with Euro Car Parks to resolve the issue”.
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