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Cumbernauld union backs independence

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 20:14 GMT on Wednesday 20th March, 2013.
ONE Cumbernauld Trade Union has voted to back Scottish independence, as the Scottish Government prepares to unveil the date of the 2014 referendum, tomorrow.

At their Annual General Meeting, the civil service union in Cumbernauld Taxes voted for a motion written and proposed by SSP members in TUFI, meaning that the union will now support the Trade Unionists for Independence (TUFI) movement.
Throughout, the motion is scathing about the prospects under continued Westminster rule and calls on the PCS union nationally to “ensure input to the debates from those who see independence as a means to transform workers’ lives through measures such as scrapping the anti-union laws; guaranteeing a decent living wage for all over 16; reversal of all privatisation, and cuts to benefits and public services; job creation through taxation of the rich and big business; scrapping Trident, with guaranteed jobs for all defence industry worker through diversification; extension of democratic public ownership to help establish a poverty-free, clean, green, egalitarian Scotland.”

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The local move is not the only support for independence amongst Trade Unions. In fact, over 250 PCS union members voted for it, with only single figures opposed. 

Since the Cumbernauld PCS union voted to support Trade Unionists for Independence, a similar motion has been submitted for debate at the forthcoming STUC Congress. Meanwhile, TUFI members in all unions are arguing for support for it, with members of PCS union branch in East Kilbride Taxes passing a motion along the same lines as that in Cumbernauld, at their 600 attended AGM. 

Trade Unionists for Independence is a broad, inclusive campaign embracing workers from all parties and none, with the core belief that independence is the best means of radically improving the living conditions of Scotland’s working class majority. 

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