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MSP volunteers for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 21:02 GMT on Wednesday 20th March, 2013.
CENTRAL Scotland SNP MSP Clare Adamson, who was a member of the International Children's Games Lanarkshire 2011 Organising Committee, has expressed her “delight” at volunteering for the historic Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Minister for Youth Employment Angela Constance said: “Volunteers are giving their time and energy to worthwhile causes around the country and the time is right to thank every single woman in Scotland that has made an effort to volunteer, be it for a major event like the Commonwealth Games or something much smaller in scale.  For those who need it, the £500,000 Legacy 2014 Volunteer Support Programme can help people in Scotland who face practical or financial barriers to making their 2014 volunteering dream a reality, including additional childcare needs. I also hope that beyond the Games, there is a lasting enthusiasm for volunteering in Scotland, and the benefits it can bring to both individuals and communities.”

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Following the announcement of record numbers of volunteers at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the Scottish Government has recognised the significantly high number of women volunteers at 61%. A statement by the Scottish Government follows a recent focus on volunteering. The remarks by the Scottish Government pay tribute to the thousands of people that volunteer in Scotland every year.
Commenting, the MSP said: "I would be thrilled to be one of the successful volunteers in next year’s Commonwealth Games. As a Councillor, I had the opportunity to be involved in the International Children's Games, which was a really exciting time. I am pleased that such a high numbers have volunteered to take part and I know this will be a wonderful opportunity for those who are successful. "

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