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Cumbernauld youths elect their MSYPs as 10,000 turnout across Lanarkshire for the vote

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 21:14 GMT on Wednesday 20th March, 2013.

THE Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth have been announced.

Swing-o-meters were at the ready at Chryston High school, earlier this week, as nine ambitious young people were elected to the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Elected for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth were Junaid Ashraf and Rhianne Carrol. Although, the elected Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament for 2013 – 2015, elsewhere in North Lanarkshire are:

Airdrie and Shotts - Robert Black and Rachel Murphy

Bellshill - Jordan Linden

Coatbridge and Chryston - Scott Lamond and James Phiminster

Motherwell and Wishaw - Amy Kerr and Lauren King

Using e-voting young people all over North Lanarkshire had the opportunity to vote in their school and colleges and youth groups using their unique Young Scot card number.  Over eleven thousand votes were cast under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.

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Christine Pollock, Director of Learning and Leisure said: "The results night was a culmination of six months hard work, starting with 45 young people expressing an interest; this is an indication of the impact of the youth forums and pupil councils."

Since the beginning of March, candidates produced manifestos, took part in local training and went on the campaign trail to raise awareness of local and national youth democracy. 

Hustings, question and answer sessions as well as debates were held in a number of schools and within the Civic Centre during campaigning.

All 25 candidates received a Saltire Award in recognition of their hard work before the results were announced by Gavin Whitefield Chief Executive.  In his closing remarks, the Chief Executive reaffirmed the council's commitment to the Scottish Youth Parliament and working with the newly elected MSYPs.

The newly elected MSYPs will officially take up their role in the Scottish Youth Parliament Sitting in June 2013.

Grant Costello, chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament also welcomed the results - and the over 10,000 turnout, in Lanarkshire.

Grant said: “It’s fantastic to see how many young people have engaged in this process.

“I hope they are able to move forward with this mandate and help to ensure the issues young people from Lanarkshire care about are represented on the national stage.

“I know from my own experience of campaigning in East Kilbride how much you learn about the process, and I’m sure these new MSYPs will also benefit from this.

“I would like congratulate all of the newly elected MSYPs. These SYP elections provide the opportunity for young people to engage directly in democracy.”
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