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MSP welcomes Scottish Government's Calder Primary closure call-in

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:36 GMT on Friday 29th March, 2013.
MSP Clare Adamson has welcomed the Scottish Government’s decision to call-in North Lanarkshire Council’s plans to close Calder Primary School.

The Central Scotland said that the Government’s call-in announcement will provide “some reassurance” to parents and guardians of the school’s students.

Ms Adamson said: “This decision by the Scottish Government will give some reassurance to the parents and guardians of pupils at Calder Primary that their genuine concerns, particularly on the area of education benefits, are being taken seriously in this process.”

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The Scottish Government declared that they would call-in North Lanarkshire Council’s plans to close Abronhill high school and Calder Primary, next year, last Tuesday (19th March, 2013).

“I am very disappointed that Learning and Leisure Services Convener Councillor Logue has said this move by the Scottish Government is “driven by political considerations”.  A ‘call-in’ on issues such as planning or School closure is a very serious matter, and, as Mr Logue indicates, has legal implications.  This decision would not have been taken lightly by the Scottish Government,” the MSP added.

Calder Primary School is addressed at Draffen Street, in Motherwell, although the local authority plans to close the local school due to under-occupancy concerns.
Ms Adamson added: “Instead of attacking the Government, Mr Logue and North Lanarkshire Council should be examining the concerns raised by the ‘call in’ as their current position does little to reassure the families and children involved that North Lanarkshire Council is listening to them.”

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