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Monklands gets a clean bill of health from HEI report

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:39 GMT on Friday 29th March, 2013.
CUMBERNAULD patients at Monklands Hospital should take comfort from a recent HEI report, which viewed the region’s hospital in a positive light.

NHS Lanarkshire has welcomed the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate’s (HEI) report on Monklands Hospital – and set out a detailed action plan to make further improvements. 

The HEI published a report on Tuesday (26th March, 2013) following its visit to Monklands on 30th January, 2013. 

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Jane Burns, Acting Medical Director, NHS Lanarkshire, said: “We are pleased the inspectors found that Monklands Hospital was clean and well maintained. They identified many positives including the good relationship and communication between ward staff and the infection control team. They also praised the variety and display of information for patients and visitors.

“We are firmly committed to continually improving cleanliness and infection control to ensure the highest possible standards in all our hospitals and healthcare premises. 

“It is clear that Monklands Hospital provides a safe and clean environment for patients. In order to build on this, we are looking in detail at the areas for improvement identified by the inspectors. We have developed an action plan to address all of these and are already implementing this. 

“The action plan includes the roll out of an improved approach to inspecting and cleaning mattresses, backed up by additional education and training for staff. This will ensure stained and damaged mattresses are identified and dealt with promptly. We also have in place an awareness campaign and are carrying out audits to ensure all staff are disposing of and handling sharps correctly.”

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