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Town's MSP takes part in the Mary's Meals Backpack Project

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:58 GMT on Friday 29th March, 2013.
Picture is copyright of Mary's Meals.

JAMIE Hepburn, SNP MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth has joined with other Members of the Scottish Parliament to take part in the Backpack Project, an initiative of the Mary’s Meals Project.

The Mary’s Meals Project was formed to help ensure that some of the world’s poorest children receive a nutritious meal, whilst their Backpack Project aims to provide such children, in nations such as Malawi, Liberia, and Haiti, with backpacks containing school equipment to help ensure they can receive basic skills of literacy and numeracy.

Backpacks being sent to the children contain school items, such as pencils, pens, and paper, along with some other articles such as clothes, towels, and toothpaste.  Mr Hepburn and other MSPs, of all parties, have donated backpacks to help Mary’s Meals with their project.

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Mr Hepburn said: “The Backpack Project is an excellent opportunity to enrich the lives of those living in poverty.  There are too many children in too many parts of the world without access to basic education.  I am therefore very pleased to support the Backpack Project as an important contribution to raising literary and numeracy rates and help improve life chances.”

The area’s MSP has also written to all schools in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth to urge they become involved with the Backpack Project, with several responding to say they will take part.  He has recently invited Ravenswood and Holy Cross Primary Schools to discuss the project, and will be attending Balmalloch Primary School to do the same.

Mr Hepburn added: “I am delighted that some local schools have responded positively to the suggestion that they take part in this project, and that Ravenswood Primary was able to tell me that they had already been participating.  This shows the strong level of commitment locally to playing our part in helping make the world a better place.”

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