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Cumbernauld Media catch up with the Freedom City Church as the wheels start turning on the charity's St Mungo's Road move

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:33 GMT on Friday 29th March, 2013.
Jim Gibson inside one of the Church's new units. Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

CUMBERNAULD Media has caught up with local charity Freedom City Church as they prepare for work to begin on their new St Mungo’s Retail Park premises. 

Jim Gibson, Pastor of Freedom City Church, talked to Cumbernauld Media and showed the team round the church’s new facility at St Mungo’s Retail Park. 

The Church declared, earlier this year, that they were to move into two vacant premises at the retail park; the old Bed Shed and General George carpets units. 

Since then, North Lanarkshire Council has declared that work can go ahead and the Church can fulfil its vision of moving to the town’s centre. The project, however, will not be completed for six months – leaving the charity without a central home, after Sanctuary demolished their former Allanfauld Road for new housing, as part of their High Rise project. 

Jim Gibson. Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

Talking to Cumbernauld Media, Mr Gibson said that the Freedom City Church held its aim to “serve the community” at “heart”.

He said: “We’ve been in Cumbernauld for twenty odd years; starting out life as the Cumbernauld Community Church. And now, twenty years on, we have grown, becoming the Freedom City Church between ten or twelve years ago.

“Despite our name change, however, we have always kept our heart fixed on our aim; our aim being to serve the community.”

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Moving on to discuss the exact vision held by the charity, Mr Gibson talked of how the new premises will see the community welcomed through the door. 

Jim said: “Our plans, so far, will see our Worship services moved to the Retail Park; a community hub built, with a number of community focused activities likely to be held regularly; a café and other community services aimed at benefitting the community, such as debt advice and unemployment assistance.”

Asked why the Freedom City Church chose to go for a central location, Mr Gibson talked off the need for the Church to be “accessible”. 

“We have always tried to be as central as we can because this is our town; the town we’ve been with for twenty years,” Jim commented.

“Accessibility is also important here. We want to make our services and the things which we do available and accessible to everyone, sharing the benefit around.”

The Church's plans will transform the vacant premises. Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

The Freedom City Church has always strived to benefit the local community, Jim told me. However, it could be a few months yet until the public are able to walk in to the Church’s new facility – with the work to be carried out over a number of phases. 

“This project will be carried out over a number of phases,” Jim said. “Our Worship centre and café will be ready in about six months, hopefully, although our plans are just going in. This will be an ongoing project over the next few years, or so.”

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