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'Sugar is everywhere', a blog by Cumbernauld's John Allan

Written by John Allan.
Published at 14:24 GMT on Tuesday, 9th April, 2013.
ONCE again Cumbernauld fitness guru, John Allan, takes to Cumbernauld Media for a blog about your fitness. This time John talks about sugar.

Sugar is everywhere!

What is it about sugar? You crave it so you eat it, feel ok for a while, and then crave it again. It’s a vicious circle, dare I say it’s an addiction. So how would you feel if I asked you to stop eating anything with sugar in it? When I talk about sugar, I’m meaning sugar in ALL its forms.
Fructose; High Fructose Corn Syrup; Artificial sweeteners; White; Brown; Honey; Maltose; Dextrose
Would you feel panic? Would you think I could never give it up? Do you think you couldn’t live without it? Could it be you are addicted to sugar?

Sugar has made its way in to the food chain where you wouldn’t expect to find it.

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It is used in feed for livestock before slaughter in order to fatten the animal and give flavour to the meat.  Ketchup, soups and sauces are full of sugar, not to mention low fat products, which have added sugar to replace the missing taste element of fat.

Processed meats burgers and sausages have sugar added to enhance flavour. It is everywhere, and I haven’t mentioned the usual sources such as fizzy, drinks, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate and sweeties.

The more simple and refined a sugar is the more rapid and acute the body’s insulin response will be.

Stored as fat to prevent the blood becoming thick and gloopy creating an energy slump, people tend to then repeat the process.

They will eat something sugary to give them an energy boost and not long after will crash. It’s the whole craving process that I mentioned above.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that artificial sweeteners are any better for you, as they aren’t. They have been linked with conditions such as MS, headaches, joint pain, fibromyalgia to name but a few.

Something else to bear in mind is the old sugar free trick.

Yes, the product probably is sugar free but will most likely contain some called aspartame, which is cheaper to produce than sugar, but is a neurotoxin which causes the synapses in the brain to fire until they burn out and ultimately die.

This as you can understand is not good at all. So be wary about sugar free products.

Manufacturers are not daft when it comes to making a product.  Pump it full of sugar, install the cravings, and voila, you have repeat business.

Do you really think they are interested in the effect it’s having on your health?

I think not.

They aren’t breaking any laws; they aren’t forcing you to eat the stuff, that’s down to your ‘free’ will. I put the free in inverted commas because you’re not really free are you?

How can you be when you have an addiction or a compulsion to eat something sweet? The only way to get away from craving sugar is to eliminate it completely from your diet.

I used to have a sweet tooth, (I still have the odd moment to be honest) demolishing anything that looked like a chocolate bar, biscuit or cake.

It didn’t matter how much I cut down, the craving was always there because the sugar was always there - irrespective of the quantity.

It still had is hooks in me, until I cut it out completely.
Now, I no longer crave or even think about chocolate, cakes or biscuits. If, on the very rare occasion I do have something sweet like that, I actually feel dizzy and then get really tired and start yawning my head off. It’s a horrible feeling.

Has my tolerance to sugar dropped since I cut it out? Probably.

Do I miss it?  At times yes! But I don’t like the effect it has on me or my body. That’s the reason I’m sugar free (or try to be)

Stay Healthy Stay Strong.

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