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Allegations of council Executives' retirements linked to Abronhill high proposals are "nonsense"

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 22:21 GMT on Thursday, 11th April, 2013.
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CUMBERNAULD Media has looked into allegations that three council Executives are stepping down due to the council’s proposals to amalgamate Abronhill High with Cumbernauld High School.

Shortly after the publication of our article about the retirement of three top North Lanarkshire Council Executives, the news desk received an alarming submission via the Cumbernauld Media ‘Whistleblowing’ section. 

The submission said that two of the three council Executives were in fact stepping down in order to “clean their hands” of their roles in forming authority proposals to amalgamate the Abronhill and Cumbernauld high school campuses.

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The submission said: "I note from your article, today, that three council Executives are to either retire or leave the local authority, this year. However, I thought you should know that John O’Hagan actually resigned on the day that the Scottish Government called-in the council’s decision to close Abronhill High School. Christine Pollock’s departure is simply an aftershock of Mr O’Hagan’s resignation, as they were both in charge of the proposals to amalgamate Abronhill with Cumbernauld High. The both of them simply want to leave the council and clean their hands of any part in the events of the past year, or so. I hope this information comes in useful in some way."

Given the anonymous nature of our ‘Whistleblowing’ section there is no further information on who the person is and so we couldn’t verify the allegations. However, a council spokesman said that the allegations were “nonsense”, but couldn’t issue a statement on the allegations due to the personal nature of the Executives’ positions. 

Other council sources have also attempted to debunk the local rumours, telling Cumbernauld Media, off-record that the real situation is, in fact, very different to the situation which people have got in the minds.

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