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Goodbye, Cumbernauld; Clyde unveil relocation resolutions ahead of decision d-day

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:51 GMT on Saturday, 13th April, 2013.
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CLYDE Football Club has announced what the exact resolutions are, ahead of the club’s EGM meeting, later this month.

Clyde’s board will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday 20th April, 12.30pm at Broadwood, before the club’s match against Montrose. 

The meeting will discuss the future of the club’s location, as it proposed to move away from Cumbernauld, perhaps towards East Kilbride. 

The resolutions to be considered are: 

1. To pass the following Resolution 1 as an ordinary resolution of the Company:

"That the board are authorised to enter into on behalf of the company all appropriate legal agreements and make all appropriate arrangements to allow the club to relocate to a location of the board's choice in or around East Kilbride".

2. To pass the following Resolution 2 as a Special Resolution of the Company:

"Subject to the board being satisfied that all appropriate steps have been taken to enable the company to move to premises in or around East Kilbride, that the company's name be changed to EK Clyde Football Club Community Interest Company".

3. To pass the following Resolution 3 as a Direction of the Company:


The owners hereby give the following Direction (as defined in the company's articles of association) to the directors:

“That, once the company’s name is changed to EK Clyde Football Club Community Interest Company, the directors shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure that the company’s trading name and the name under which it is registered with the Scottish Football League, or its successors, shall be EK Clyde Football Club and that this shall not be changed without the prior approval of a special resolution of the owners, except that instead of the usual 75% vote to approve a special resolution, such a change can only be approved at a general meeting by a 90% vote of all the owners entitled to vote on a special resolution and attending the general meeting in person or by proxy.  As with a normal special resolution of the company, at least half of the owners entitled to vote on a special resolution must be in attendance at the said general meeting for such a resolution to be approved.”

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The announcement of the resolutions follows a meeting, in Glasgow, last night where the club’s owners were present to allow for questions to be asked about the club’s future.

“Last night's meeting in Glasgow was the last of a series of five formal meetings with owners of the club, that aimed to inform and answer as many questions as possible prior to the EGM,” a club spokesperson said.

Clyde have declared that their board have “unanimously” back the proposals, but nonetheless “appreciated” the “open, objective, and… robust” way by which people have engaged with the club’s debate on its future.

The spokesperson added: “The Board have unanimously backed this proposal but have appreciated the open, objective, and occasionally robust manner in which supporters have engaged and the many questions that have been raised. Despite the date of the EGM getting closer, the Board are happy to continue to meet or respond to individual Owners or groups of Owners on request, to clarify information or relate why they think it is important to vote yes to the resolutions.

“There are a number of supporters who have not been able to make their points formally in this process as, at this time, they are not currently registered as owners. However, it is unlikely that there will be many views expressed that have not been picked up informally, or made by those supporters that are current owners. 

“The current owners are a cross section of the support as a whole and the diversity of views has been well expressed, as such we are confident that whatever decision is taken on 20th April, the decision will be a fair reflection of the overall support.

“All owners are urged to exercise their vote and to back the continuation of the process by voting in favour. The hurdles for the resolutions to pass are high and anyone who might be in doubt about being able to attend the meeting is encouraged to lodge a proxy as soon as possible. 

“There are a significant number of points to take forward should the vote be a YES and these will be reflected in any subsequent negotiations. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, the board will arrange an open meeting with all supporters to discuss the outcome and any relevant consequences of the vote.

“Food and drink will be provided to all EGM attendees following its conclusion, with facilities available up until the match kick-off at 3pm.”

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