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New Facebook campaign proposes outdoor gym facilities in Cumbernauld

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 18:28 GMT on Friday, 19th April, 2013.
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A NEW campaign for outdoor gym facilities in Cumbernauld has been launched through social media website Facebook.

The ‘Cumbernauld Outdoor Gym Campaign’ sprung onto the social media website early on Tuesday morning, with the aim of encouraging North Lanarkshire Council to introduce outdoor gym equipment at Cumbernauld parks and play areas.

The group’s description declares: “Outdoor gyms are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, and have been proven to burn more calories than indoor gyms. We feel NL [North Lanarkshire] Council would do well to replace one of the rundown, underused play parks in the Cumbernauld with a safe outdoor gym.”

The campaign’s page has now gathered over 100 fans, although a number of people have expressed concerns at the group’s hopes. 

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Amongst the key concerns identified by Facebook users were maintenance costs and any usage fees incurred. 

Responding the concerns of the page’s viewers, a group administrator said: “If this campaign was successful and NLC [North Lanarkshire Council] did build an outdoor gym then it's running and maintenance would be in their hands. We would anticipate that it would run much like all other outdoor gyms in the UK, ie free of charge to members of the public.”

Another concern about any possible vision of outdoor gym facilities, in Cumbernauld, was the cost of construction, which the group declared would be “much less” than the costs incurred through the construction of an indoor gym facility, adding that an outdoor gym would, “…add variation to the exercise environment of Cumbernauld.”

Nevertheless, the group stressed that its existence remains as an opinion gathering exercise. “Please also note that the main aim of this page is really just to gather opinion and to see how many people may support the idea of one being built,” a group administrator said on Tuesday afternoon.

Cumbernauld Media contacted North Lanarkshire Council asking about whether the local authority would ever, or currently has any plans or visions, for outdoor gym facilities anywhere in Cumbernauld. No response was provided before the publication of this article.

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