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Scarred sky; Cumbernauld's mysterious orange light is not meteorological

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:06 GMT on Friday, 26th April, 2013.
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CUMBERNAULD residents looking skyward on Wednesday night would have been aghast to see an unusual vertical streak of orange light scarred across the sky. 

Witness accounts through social media claim to have seen the light from around 9pm onwards, with some people describing the light as both “strange” and “beautiful”.

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Eye witness accounts say that the light from visible from most areas of Cumbernauld with rumours quickly ensuing that the light was down to a meteor explosion. 

The Met Office, however, couldn’t confirm what the mystery light was, from the pictures which readers sent us. However, they confirmed that the light didn’t seem to be anything meteorological. 

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