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Get Cumbernauld Healthy's John Allan on alcohol

Written by John Allan.
Published at 15:14 GMT on Friday, 26th April, 2013.
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CUMBERNAULD fitness guru, John Allan, from Get Cumbernauld Healthy once again blogs for Cumbernauld Media, about how you can get into shape. This time John talks alcohol. 

In my line of work I am often faced with people that give out nothing but reasons as to why they can’t do something. 

Well they may call it a reason, me, I call them excuses.  

They’ll say things like “have tried everything to lose weight and nothing works”. This always finds me coming back with a one-word reply “Everything?”

You see they may have ‘tried’ everything but what have they stuck to? 

I would hazard a guess that they have not stuck to anything.

To lose fat successfully one of the most important things to remove from your life is ALCOHOL. You simply cannot drink and lose weight. 

Stop kidding yourself. 

Alcohol is a sugar that your body will simply store as fat. 

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Here’s a fact for you thrown up by a recent study. 

Just one vodka and diet lemonade will impact on the body’s ability to metabolise fat by a whopping 73%. That is just one drink, and how many of you reading this honestly stops at one?

Below are a few reasons as to why you really want to stop drinking alcohol if you are serious about losing fat.

1.Drinking booze will seriously dehydrate you. Consider that even slight dehydration will have an impact on your quest to lose fat, what do you think being seriously dehydrated will achieve.

2.Here’s another, alcohol is a toxin and as such your body stores toxins IN YOUR FAT CELLS!!!

3. Alcohol is nothing but liquid sugar (as mentioned above) and as such will trigger the storage hormone insulin to remove the huge sugar spike in your bloodstream. Of course this sugar will be stored IN YOUR FAT CELLS.

4. After a ‘binge’ you can say ‘bye, bye’ to any notion of fat burning for about the next 3 days, at least

5. Manboobs are linked to the hops used in beer.

Am I getting through to you here?  You simply cannot continue to booze and lose.

One more for you to think about then I'll shut up.

You’ve been out for a few, you’re a bit worse for wear, maybe a bit hungry. 

You know the junk you’ll eat, pure calorie laden, hydrogenated fat laden, heart attack in a brown paper bag. 

That’s not to mention the garbage that you’ll eat in order to try and sort out the hangover from hell. You know, the hangover that is induced by being DEHYDRATED, (Did I mention that already)

I'll ask you this; do you really want to lose fat?

If so are you prepared to stay off the booze?

Why don’t you try doing something a bit different at the weekend instead of getting hammered? Go on I dare you, or are you going to come up with a reason as to why you can’t……did I say reason, I meant to say EXCUSE!

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