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Cumbernauld Post Offices are not affected by CWU’s third national strike

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 09:24 GMT on Monday, 29th April, 2013.
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TODAY (Monday, April 29th, 2013) the Communication Workers Union will see up to 4,000 on the picket lines, at 373 Crown Post Offices, in a dispute over changes, franchising, jobs and pay, following announcements, by the Post Office, in February, that it was their intentions to close or franchise 76 Crown Offices. 

Today’s strike action follows a CWU member vote, which the result showed nine to one (88%) in favour of strike action, with the action today becoming the third strike in a row by the union, over the row.

There are no plans for any action at any Cumbernauld Post Offices, today, and so business is expected to continue as normal at all Cumbernauld Post Office locations.

Commenting, Andy Furey, CWU national official, said: "We can help the Post Office find a positive way forward for the network, but they must be prepared to listen to the concerns of their staff who voted by nine to one to back strike action. Without negotiation this dispute will continue."

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However, the Post Office has come out fighting, claiming their plans are to modernise the Post Office’s branches – not close them. 

Kevin Gilliland, Network and Sales Director at the Post Office said: “We want to keep Post Office branches on high streets across the UK. We are investing £70 million in 300 Crown branches and are proposing to partner 70 branches with suitable retailers. These branches are not closing. Any move to a retailer’s premises would offer access to the same range of Post Office products and high levels of customer service in a new modern branch.

“The CWU is in denial of the need for us to modernise our Crown network. It is currently losing £40m a year of public money. There is no room for manoeuvre and further strike action will only cause needless disruption to customers.”
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