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Get Cumbernauld Healthy's John Allan on public perception

Written by John Allan.
Published at 16:55 GMT on Tuesday, 7th May, 2013.
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CUMBERNAULD fitness guru, John Allan, once again blogs for Cumbernauld Media; helping you to bust the myths and get in shape. This time he talks all things public perception. 

I have to admit I’m a bit fed up by the information that is being put out there as fact. The poor public just don’t know the difference, and this is compounded by the fact that the big food companies, who let’s face it, are not short of a bob or two and can pretty much afford to pay who they like to pitch their products for them.

It would appear everyone has a price, it just human nature I suppose.

Do any of these people involved in peddling toxic foods actually stop to think of the consequences of what it is they are doing, or are they too busy patting themselves on the back for another great advertising campaign?

The ‘star’ or big name that is the face of a specific product either doesn’t understand what it is they are promoting, don’t care about the finer details such as the ingredients that is in a product or are just blinded by the big pay check and choose not to see.

The great British public just see the famous person promoting a product and think it must be good for them.

The reality is totally different of course. I have said this before and will say it again and again and again. Nothing is going to change within our country until the powers that be actually admit that the information surrounding ‘healthy’ eating is changed. Is it not time we got our heads out from the arse of the American model of the ‘eat-well’ plate and designed our own? That WILL make a difference to obesity rates in this country.

What we have been told to do, so far, hasn’t worked and, it will continue not to work, because it’s flawed - pure and simple.

Humans are always looking for a way to do something quicker, to save time, because we never seem to have enough time. We are brainwashed into thinking that we never have time.

Big food companies and the fast food outlets all realise this and even add to the ‘have no time’ conspiracy.

Convenience plays a huge part in our lives now. Drive through fast food outlets, saves you the inconvenience of having to drag your butt out of the car after having to spend a few minutes parking.

No one can spare 20 minutes these days to make a meal- really? Why should you have to? The food companies have that covered, with their ready in a jiffy microwave range of food. Did I just call that gunk, food….my bad!

Or how about the petrol stations that sell everything including hot food and coffee. It is all for your ‘convenience’ and their profit. They get to make an up sale on the petrol and you get fed. So easy, so convenient and it saves you all that time.

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Just add hot water and your good to go.

What are we saving all this time for? What are we doing with it? Well, it’s extra time on Facebook for a start, more time to run the kids here there and everywhere. More time to spend not looking after the most important person in your life. YOU! Rush, rush, rush.

Here’s something to consider, all the time you have saved by taking the convenient route may need to be used later on in your life, when you are lying in bed ill. Who’s going to run around after the kids then? You owe it to them and yourself to be in the best shape you can.

Convenience is making us and keeping us sick. What do you think is in all that food? What gives it shelf life until you decide you are hungry? Can you pronounce what it is that’s in your fake food?

Why have something that isn’t chicken or beef flavoured to taste like it. Why not just eat chicken or beef. The answer, because that would take a bit of effort on your part to cook the chicken or the beef and you don’t have the time! Allegedly

This next bit really pisses me off…..’The kids need a wee treat’….sure of course they do, we all do. But is feeding them a load of chemicals and artificial colourings really a treat? Be careful what you sew.

It is no wonder the public act and behave in this way. It is the way we have been conditioned to think. The power of advertising is immense, and the way adverts are written to resonate and ‘work’ on our minds is quite amazing. It’s like we can’t help ourselves. We appear to be pawns in this way of life – expendable and, does anyone really care?

Perhaps if we didn’t rely on convenience, the strain on the health service would be eased somewhat, obesity statistics would start to drop and we as a nation would start to feel human again. That would be too much of an inconvenience to all concerned. Where would the profit be in that?

So how does this problem get solved?

I guess myself and people like me will just have to keep chipping away, being relentless and never giving up.

My thoughts don’t conform to conventional wisdom, because through educating myself and thinking outside the box, I feel I am able to voice my opinion with conviction.

It saddens me to see kids that are overweight in the supermarket. More often than not, Mum and Dad are the same. When I look to see what is in the trolley, there is a mixture of crisps and snacks, because the kids need a wee treat as already mentioned, fizzy juice, because water tastes horrible and low fat ‘healthy’ foods, because fat is bad for you, and makes you fat. This is typical of many families.

Instead of the government telling us to eat more whole grains… blah blah…, maybe they should be addressing the one thing that really shapes us as people. It is the mind-set that has to change first before any other thing. Without this, everything else is a complete waste of time.

Again this throws up another massive problem; mind-set has already been dictated by the brainwashing marketing ploys of the big food companies; companies that make a lot of money and, no doubt, contribute handsomely to the nation’s coffers.

Really then it comes down to the individual themselves hitting rock bottom, discovering what they have been doing isn’t working. Being fed up of being frustrated and lacklustre. There comes a tipping point, call it desperation or realisation. Some will reach this point quicker than others, but when they do, the change will happen, and the benefits reaped.

So like I said at the top of this post, the public are mistreated and misinformed. Personally I think it is time for change.

Till the next time, Stay Healthy Stay Strong, John.
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