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Enough is enough; Council crackdown on anti-social tenants

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:02 GMT on Tuesday, 7th May, 2013.
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ONE Coatbridge tenant has learned, to his expense, that North Lanarkshire Council have said enough is enough to anti-social behaviour.

North Lanarkshire Council have said: “When it comes to tackling antisocial behaviour we're saying enough is enough to one Coatbridge tenant” according to the authority’s website.

The 56-year-old man is to be evicted after he subjected his neighbours to months of misery with his continual excessive noise and persistent antisocial behaviour, which was proceeded by a lengthy period of loud music and general antisocial behaviour, with North Lanarkshire Council later raising an eviction action at Airdrie Sheriff Court, against the 56-year-old man.

Despite repeated warnings and an antisocial behaviour order being served on him in 2012, as well as restrictions being placed on his tenancy and a community payback order being imposed, his unacceptable behaviour continued. And, as a consequence, an eviction order was sought and granted.

The eviction has led North Lanarkshire Council to warn all tenants that enough is enough, when it comes to anti-social behaviour and, Elaine McHugh, Head of Housing Services has said that the authority will “take tough action” on those who make the lives of neighbours “unbearable”.

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Ms McHugh said: "We don't tolerate antisocial behaviour and take tough action against people who make the lives of others unbearable. In this case, we were left with no alternative other than to take the necessary court action and evict this man. Despite repeated warnings and action, he continued to cause disturbance after disturbance making community life unbearable for those living around him.

"Throughout an eviction process we do continue to offer our tenants support in the hope they will change their behaviour and adhere to their tenancy conditions. However, when this doesn't happen we take action."

"Antisocial behaviour is an issue that causes real concern for many residents and it can impact negatively across communities," added Councillor Sam Love, Convener of Housing and Social Work Services. "Our residents' survey tells us how important this issue is to them and we're sending out a clear message that we take the strongest action available to us against antisocial tenants.

"We have staff in place in each of our local housing teams providing practical help and support to residents who experience antisocial behaviour. These staff work closely with the community police teams, registered social landlords and elected members to protect the communities they work in, and this partnership approach is working well."

Anyone experiencing antisocial behaviour can contact their local housing office during office hours. Help is also available during the evenings or weekends from our specially trained staff on an emergency number 0300 123 1382.

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