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Cumbernauld man hails Active Health Programme

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 14:22 GMT on Wednesday, 8th May, 2013.
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THIS summer will be cleansing one for Lanarkshire, with thousands expected to attend ‘Get Active Lanarkshire’, in June, and the launch of a new fitness programme.

‘Get Active Lanarkshire’ has been underway for the past couple of months, however, the big event will see a mass public event at Strathclyde Country Park on Saturday 1st June, with the main aim being to increase their physical activity in the run up to and beyond the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Those who opt to take part in the ‘Get Active Lanarkshire’ event will be able to find out about the many benefits of adopting a more active lifestyle as well as the vast array of clubs, groups and services they can access to help them do this, and Cllr Logue has that this is an “opportunity” for everyone to “get more active, more often.”

Commenting, Councillor Jim Logue, Chairman of North Lanarkshire Leisure, said: “The Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 will see huge interest in sport and all the partners involved want to use this opportunity to encourage more Lanarkshire people, to get more active, more often.

“One of the focuses of the event will be to ask people to make a pledge to increase their physical activity. This can be something like taking up running or cycling to joining a bowling club or spending another 20 minutes walking.

“It’s not all about going to the gym and working out; being active can simply mean walking to the shops rather than taking the car.”

‘Get Active Lanarkshire’ will take place on Saturday 1st June at Strathclyde Country Park between noon and 5pm, although it’s not the only local health news; a new initiative targeting people with health needs has launched, with Cumbernauld firmly at the initiative’s heart.

The Active Health Programme (AHP) will offer a range of activities to help improve the fitness of people deemed to be ‘at risk’, with the programme designed to specially tailored to support people who have not undertaken physical activity for some time; have ‘low risk’ health conditions and might benefit more from exercise than a medical prescription.

As part of the programme, adults of all ages who have a long term health condition which requires ongoing management for longer than a year can be referred to the programme, and classes include fitness and cardiovascular as well as strength and balance sessions and a gym programme. 

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The AHP programme is being delivered by North Lanarkshire Council’s Housing and Social Work Service, North Lanarkshire Leisure and NHS Lanarkshire.

John Walker (55) from Greenfaulds in Cumbernauld who takes part in the cardiovascular class at the Tryst Sports Centre, said: “I was referred to the programme after taking a heart attack last year. I now attend a couple of classes a week and it has really boosted my confidence and fitness.

“I would recommend this programme to anyone. There are loads of nice people, entertaining fitness options and I have been so inspired by the programme that I am going to go to college and train as a fitness instructor.”

Each part of the activity programme is structured to meet the needs, ability and motivational level of each person at their point of referral or initial contact, and Project coordinator with North Lanarkshire Leisure and the NHS Lesley MacKay described the programme as a “new approach”.

Lesley said: “The referrals system has been extended enabling practitioners in health improvement, social services and the voluntary sector, including smoking cessation and addictions teams to refer people to the AHP.

“Those referred will have access to a specialist exercise professional in their local NLL Leisure centre to help them gain the lifestyle benefits that physical activity can bring.
“Many adults in Lanarkshire, and indeed the UK, don’t reach the current physical activity guidelines and this new approach to improving health will allow more people to access fitness classes.”

For more information on the AHP contact Melanie Menzies Tel: 01236 618310 / 07939 284738. Email: or visit: or 

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