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Cumbernauld Community Park's April 2013 update

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Published at 14:39 GMT on Wednesday, 8th May, 2013.
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FRIENDS of Cumbernauld Community Park have released their April 2013 update, in which the group discuss a number of issues facing the park and projects being undertaken. 

Last month we hinted at remedial work being done at the BBC Breathing Place. During the last month the Training Foundation, sponsored by the NLC Greenspace Development group, have dug out the top end of the pond and re-laid the Bentonite layer which holds water in the pond. The work is just in time for the survival of the frog spawn which is late this year because of the cold, extended winter we all have endured. In addition the lower end of the area has had a new pond dug out and drainage channels leading into it. The fervent hope is that water will be led back towards the ditch along the shelter belt and away from the benches which have had their feet in water for some time. As important, or even more so, it should take water off the path down to the underpass and prevent an icy hazard which has bedevilled this route every winter. All being well we have a new habitat for frogs, newts and insects and a better or more useable space for the people, young and old, who share the site .

Work, as the photo here shows, also continues at the new Play Park although mostly unseen at the top of the hill. The excavations to create the foundations for the Corochord Sky Cabin have been dug out. Installation will take place in the last week of April. Unfortunately for the many children and parents who are waiting for the Play Park to be opened, patience is still required. It will take a month for the installation to be bedded in and for the nets to be continually retensioned. The delay is necessary for safety reasons and for all the appropriate monitoring and certificates to be signed and handed over. In the meantime the last of the items to be installed will be brought on site and set up, swings, fencing for the toddlers’ area, trampoline etc. Finally the last of the landscaping will be completed, paths and steps finished and the edges seeded with wild flowers. By the end of May we will be working with the schools on the grand opening. Bring on the summer or, better still, summer weather.

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Unlike last year when thousands of trees were planted and several ponds dug out by Froglife there no other major infrastructure projects planned. However, we are taking the time to build on the public Consultation we commissioned last year by examining and carrying out Feasibility Studies of potential future projects, looking at our skill sets at a Capacity Building Seminar and bringing these together at a Greenspace Scotland, Placemaking Seminar, later in the year. However there are still extensions to paths and entrances in planning, new maps and signage being developed and examination of sites for a café, allotments and features. 

More information about the group is available via their website, 

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