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Positions of two retiring council execs go up for grabs

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:01 GMT on Wednesday, 8th May, 2013.
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THE positions of two top North Lanarkshire Council Executives are now up for grabs – starting at £116,679, per annum. 

One month ago, Cumbernauld Media published the story that Executive Director of Corporate Services John O'Hagan will retire at the end of May with Executive Director of Learning and Leisure, Christine Pollock CBE leaving in September. Now, the positions of both individuals are up for grabs. 

The Executive posts are advertised myjobScotland, the online portal for vacancy postings with most public organisations, such as local authorities. 

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Listed on the website, the organisation named as the employer is obviously North Lanarkshire Council, with the lucky candidate working 35 hours per week, in Motherwell, with a salary of between £116,679 and £120,099. The closing date is 19th May 2013, although the candidate will have to have a degree related to the position and have Executive experience in Scottish local government. 

Posted on 26th April 2013, the vacancies follow a previous controversy that Mr O’Hagan and Ms Pollock were leaving because they were pivotal in the formation of council proposals to rationalise Abronhill high school with Cumbernauld high – suggestions likened the “nonsense” and “urban myths” by North Lanarkshire Council. 

The interviews for both vacancies are provisionally scheduled for the first week in June. 

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