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NHS plan to cut half of Cumbernauld continuing care and rehabiliatation beds, according to campaigners

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:31 GMT on Thursday, May 16th, 2013.

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Carrickstone Care Home. Picture is copyright of Four Seasons Health Care.

CAMPAIGNERS say that NHS Lanarkshire is planning to scrap over half of their continuing care and rehabilitation beds, at Carrickstone Care Home.

Currently, NHS Lanarkshire has thirty-five beds at Carrickstone Care Home, in Cumbernauld, which are mostly occupied by local elderly patients for the purposes of continuing care and rehabilitation.

“The home currently works in partnership with the local NHS who contracts 35 beds to provide NHS continuing care and rehabilitation,” a spokesperson for Four Seasons Health Care – the care home’s owners confirmed. 

However, campaigners have revealed that the NHS are planning to scrap twenty-five of these beds, as the contract with the care home heads towards its conclusion, on March 31st, next year. 

The issue was discussed at the previous meeting of the Cumbernauld Community Forum, with the Forum’s Chair, Billy Lees announcing that he had partnered up with Donald Masterton, Chair of the Cumbernauld and District Diabetes Group, to attend crunch meetings with the NHS, to fight against the plans.

Mr Masterton spoke for nearly twenty minutes at the Forum’s May meeting, earlier this week, saying that the beds cost the NHS £1.4 million - £40,000 for each patient; arguing that the value of maintaining the contract would be very worthwhile. 

The current partnership between NHS Lanarkshire and Four Seasons’ Carrickstone Care Home is part of the Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) Programme; a programme being taken forward by the North Lanarkshire RCOP Partnership, made up of organisations including NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council, Voluntary organisations - including Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire and the Voice of Experience Forum, and the independent sector, which is represented by Scottish Care and includes care homes and care at home providers.

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Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) aims to “ensure older people are valued as an asset, have their voices heard and are supported to enjoy full and positive lives in their own homes and communities”, according to the NHS Lanarkshire website

The programme aims to maximise independence and quality of life; ensure older people feel safe and their voices are heard; improve the quality of supports and services; improve access to these supports and services; improve outcomes for older people and their carers; prevent unnecessary admission to hospital; prevent delays at point of discharge; increase community capacity; work in partnership; audit, evaluate and bring about organisational improvement.

“To make this happen, the partners in Lanarkshire began work on the Reshaping Care For Older People programme in 2011,” the NHS Lanarkshire website adds.

“The programme is backed by a Scottish Government Change Fund of around £8 million each year in Lanarkshire until 2014/15. This funding will be used to pilot new and better approaches to transform support and care to more effectively meet older people's needs.”

Cumbernauld campaigners are, however, unsatisfied by the promises of the programme, claiming that the NHS are planning to push through the detrimental plans – with Mr Masterton telling the Community Forum, on Tuesday evening, “They [NHS Lanarkshire] should face the Community Forum; they should be made to see the anger in this community”, claiming that the NHS Lanarkshire board “don’t give a damn about our senior citizens”. 

Adding to Mr Masterton’s comments, Forum Chair, Billy Lees said that GPs were not allowed into his previous meeting with NHS big-wigs, adding that GPs will have a “private meeting” about the plans. 

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