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New Lanarkshire child health review for 30 month old toddlers

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:37 GMT on Monday, May 20th, 2013.

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LANARKSHIRE’S National Health Service has announced a new child health review.

From 1st June all Lanarkshire children aged 30 months will be called for a new child health review, NHS Lanarkshire has announced.

Speaking about the review, Anne Armstrong, NHS Lanarkshire divisional nurse director, said that the new review will be offered to help all Lanarkshire tots “reach their health and development potential”.

Ms Armstrong said: “The new review will be offered to all children to help them reach their health and development potential.

“The main priorities of the review are the promotion of strong early development and supporting child healthy weight.” 

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The new universal child health review will be implemented in line with Scottish Government policy on the Child Health Programme, and the new review replaces the 24 month review for children who require additional and intensive support.

Anne continued: “The review provides an opportunity to work with parents to assess their child’s wellbeing and provide health advice. It will also identify any additional support a child may require and help parents access the most appropriate services.

“Undertaking this review with children also provides an opportunity to positively support families and reduce health inequalities.”

The review will be carried out by the child’s own public health nurse to ensure continuity of care, with parents to receive a letter when their child is due to undergo their review.

Anne added: “Our public health nurses are looking forward to working with parents and guardians through this review to ensure children in Lanarkshire have the best possible start in life.”

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