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Scots actor in Cumbernauld to fundraise for 10,000 mile EU charity walk

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:25 GMT on Monday, May 20th, 2013.

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Matthew McVarish at Mayfayre '13. Picture is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld. 

ACTOR Matthew McVarish was in Cumbernauld last Saturday to help raise more money for his Road to Change kitty. 

“We’re raising money for the Road to Change – a ten thousand mile walk, around Europe,” the Cbeebies ‘Me Too!’ star told Cumbernauld Media.

“I leave from London on May 31st and I will be walking to thirty-one EU country capitals, to raise awareness for the prevention and healing of child sex abuse.

“So far I have raised nearly £5,000 – although we need about £52,000, but I will be continuing to fundraise over the next eighteen months as the walk continues.”

London-based McVarish told Cumbernauld Media that he has a busy schedule. 

He said: “I myself am an actor on Cbeebies, every morning, on a show called ‘Me Too!’, where I play Raymond, on the train with Granny Murray, as well as the European Ambassador for Stop the Silence, Stop Child Sex Abuse, working in Washington D.C.”

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The thirty-year old Scots actor said that the walk will raise awareness about child sex abuse, adding his hope that the walk would, “…build solidarity between organizations and communities, support survivors, and influence social and political change.” 

Matthew’s journey kicks off in London, starting on May 31st 2013, and ends in Edinburgh February 2015, 18 months later. 

The Walk is being supported by and supports the programming of Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. (Stop the Silence) in partnership with National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, a program of the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), and forming local partnerships with non-profit groups throughout the project. 

Matthew added: “People can get involved in a number of ways; we have a website –, with a donate button, which people can click on to support the walk, there’s also a video on the website which explains what the walk is all about as well as the project.

“People can also follow the walk on Facebook – and the support of everyone would be loved.”

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