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Abronhill high school call in on track to be longest wait yet

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:45 GMT on Monday, May 20th, 2013.

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Jury is still out; Abronhill high school yet to know its fate. Picture is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

NORTH Lanarkshire Council’s decision to rationalise Abronhill High School and Cumbernauld High School was put on hold, two months ago yesterday, when a Scottish Government call-in – which is still underway, with no exact date known about when the Scottish Government will report back – announced.

When the Scottish Government gives its final ruling, they can say no or yes to authority proposals to change their school estates. The Ministers can also issue a conditional appraisal, whereby an education authority can implement their proposals, subject to certain criteria being met. 

At present North Lanarkshire Council’s decision to close Abronhill High School and amalgamate it with Cumbernauld High School, next summer, are under scrutiny by the Government, with no indication – not even from sources, about the final decision by the Government. 

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Currently, however, the time which the Ministers are taking to scrutinise the council’s plans are fast becoming the longest time the Government has taken between an announcement of call-in and its final ruling. 

All of the Scottish Government’s decisions on changes to the school estates are available via their website. However, from analysis, it would appear that only two proposals have waited longer than Abronhill campaigners, who are now eagerly anxious for the verdict, with some blasting the Government for creating a time of indecision and uncertainty. 

The only two proposals which have taken longer to receive a verdict, than Abronhill high school, is Robslee Primary School’s proposed closure by East Renfrewshire Council; called in on 23rd June 2011 with a conditional approval published on 31st August 2011. The next proposal which took longer than Abronhill High to know its fate was Glasgow City Council and Gadburn School; called in on 8th March 2012, with a conditional approval notified on 29th May 2012. 

To date Abronhill high campaigners, battling to save the school from closure, have suggested that no news is perhaps good news, with council sources indicating to Cumbernauld Media that the local authority is expecting to have its proposals binned. However, the only certainty will be when the Scottish Government announces its final decision. 

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