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Eagle-eyed cabrainers urged to watch out for fly-tipping

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 21:51 GMT on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

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SOUTH Carbrain residents are being asked to help prevent fly tipping by reporting the problem to North Lanarkshire Council.
The appeal from the area’s local authority follows a spate of complaints, sent to the council, that rubbish is regularly being dumped in the neighbourhood, causing problems for residents, with rubbish often including old furniture, white goods, domestic waste and other items left on the street or in and around the houses.
Now, however, in an attempt to catch the people responsible for this illegal activity, the area’s local Councillors are calling on residents to report any incidents of fly tipping as soon as possible.
Labour Councillors Allan Graham and Stephanie Muir are appealing for residents’ help, saying: “Fly tipping has been a problem in South Carbrain for some time now and residents are sick and tired of it.
“This is being done illegally and, while the council is tidying it up, this is diverting our cleansing staff from other work.
“To help us catch whoever is responsible, we need the help of local people. We are looking for details of when rubbish is being dumped and of any people and vehicles involved. Any information would be helpful, so please call our customer contact centre on 01698 403110.”

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Fly tipping is a criminal offence and anyone caught can receive a fine of up to £40,000, six months in prison or both.
SNP Councillors Paddy Hogg and William Goldie are also backing the appeal for help. They said: “There’s no excuse for fly tipping. The council provides free uplifts of domestic items and we have recycling centres across the authority for residents to take their rubbish.
“Council environmental health officers take a zero tolerance approach to fly tippers and here in Carbrain we are hoping local people will help us tackle the problem and keep our streets clean and safe.”
Carbrain Community Council has already been helping to keep the area clean and tidy by organising successful events to pick up rubbish and litter.
If anyone does witness fly tipping, the council’s advice is not to approach the offenders but pass on as much information as possible to Northline, our customer contact centre on 01698 403110.

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