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First Bus slash ticket prices ahead of new network's implementation

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 21:57 GMT on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

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Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

AS FIRST Bus prepare for what has been described by some as the operator’s biggest network shake-up yet, the firm have announced that the prince of their City FirstDay tickets will be reduced by more than 10% for new network launch, this Sunday.

The announcement by the firm details that the FirstDay Ticket will be slashed by more than 10% from May 26, with the company introducing the 50p price cut to complement the introduction of simpliCITY, First Glasgow's brand new network, which launches the same day.

Glasgow City FirstDay tickets, which offer unlimited travel on all simpliCITY services in the City Zones 1 and 2, will now cost £4, and follows a fares review by the company in April which saw the cost of children's single fares slashed by 20% from 75p to 60p, and with the exception of single tickets, all other fares were frozen. For example, the FirstWeek City ticket was held at £15.50 a week, the First4Week ticket frozen at £38.00 and the First10Week week held at £88.00.

First has also confirmed that it will give 500 customers on a first come first served basis the opportunity of buying a City FirstWeek ticket for just £4 (usual cost is £15.50) on Monday (May 27) at the SPT Travel Centre at Buchanan Bus Station.

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Ronnie Park, Managing Director of First Glasgow, said: "Our main motivation in re-designing our network and introducing simpliCITY was so that we could provide the overwhelming majority of our customers with a better bus service. We want to encourage more people to use our services and to use them more often. The price of our bus fares is a key part of our ambitions to increase passenger numbers. 

“Given the challenging economic conditions it is unusual for any business to freeze or cut the price of its product. However, I'm delighted that we've been able to do exactly that at First Glasgow. I expect our £4 City Day ticket will prove very popular with customers. 

He added: “I think our fares offer extremely good value for money. If used every day, our FirstWeek ticket, for example, works out at just £2.21 per day and our First10Week ticket is even better - £1.26 per day.”

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