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Cumbernauld youths warned of road dangers

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 22:13 GMT on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

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CUMBERNAULD’S youth population are being warned that road crashes are the biggest cause of death and disability amongst North Lanarkshire youths, as part of a hard hitting road safety training, which is currently being rolled out to teachers across North Lanarkshire to help save lives.
Secondary school teachers attended a training course this week on the 2young2die campaign, which highlights the dangers of irresponsible driving. They will then have the resources to lead interactive workshops with young people, alongside North Lanarkshire Council’s road safety team who will use the campaign to raise awareness of bad driving including speeding, drink and drug driving, using a mobile while driving and not wearing a seat belt to force young people to face up to the consequences of dangerous driving.

North Lanarkshire Council has said that they aim to make young people think and drive safely and avoid putting themselves at risk of a road accident, as part of the 2young2die campaign; which is run by the national road safety charity, Brake, and supported by the area’s local authority.

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“Passing your driving test and getting behind the wheel is exciting for young people,” says Councillor James Coyle, Convener of Planning and Transportation, “but they’re at a far higher risk of being killed or injured in a road crash.
“We want to reduce this risk by highlighting the issues young people face as a new driver, a passenger or a pedestrian. The training doesn’t lecture to young people; it talks to them in a way they’ll listen to and understand. But it is hard hitting and designed to make them face up to the consequences of irresponsible driving.
“As a result, we want young people to think before they drive too fast or take a call on their mobile; a careless moment could lead to tragedy.”
Another aspect of the campaign is to highlight the effect that driving and carbon emissions have on the environment. It encourages young people to think before they automatically jump into a car – don’t use it if you don’t have to and cut down on carbon emissions.
You can find out more about the 2young2die campaign at

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