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Westerwood principle planning for homes conditionally approved

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 22:41 GMT on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

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PLANS by Ogilvie Homes Ltd to build a residential development at St Andrews Drive, Westerwood, Cumbernauld have been boosted after North Lanarkshire Council approved the firm’s ‘Residential Development with Associated Works (In Principle)’ application.

The announcement of conditional approval follows a site visit by the local authority’s Planning and Transportation committee, last Wednesday (15th May 2013).

The planning application, in principle, seen 248 representations made, including representations by local councillors, residents and Westerwood Community Council. 

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According to a minute of the council committee’s site visit to the area, “The residential proposals (submitted in outline) are considered to be in accordance in principle with the relevant policies contained in the North Lanarkshire Local Plan 2012 and associated Supplementary Planning Guidance. It is considered the proposed development could be accommodated at this site without detriment to the character and amenity of the surrounding area. Satisfactory measures would be introduced to mitigate impacts on the adjacent SlNC and the setting of the Antonine Wall (World Heritage Site).”

The outline plans by Ogilvie Homes Ltd stretches 12.1 acres and would see 100 residential properties constructed – a condition attached to the project’s approval, as well as a condition that a new planning application be submitted to cover the following:

(a) the siting, design and external appearance of all buildings and other structures;
(b) the means of access to the site;
(c) the layout of the site, including all roads, footways, car and cycle parking areas;
(d) the details of, and timetable for, the hard and soft landscaping of the site;
(e) details of the management and maintenance of the areas identified in (d) above;
(f) the design and location of all boundary walls fences;
(9) the provision of surface drainage works incorporating SUDS;
(h) the disposal of sewage;
(i) details of existing trees, shrubs and hedgerows to be retained;
(j) details of existing and proposed site levels,
(h) details of no-development buffer zone (minimum width 2m) between the SlNC and development area.
(i) details of a play area commensurate with the scale of the proposed development.

Cumbernauld Environmental Society has opposed the plans. In a website post, one of the society’s members writes: “I recognise that residential developments are required but, it is my opinion, and that of my organisation, that this development would extensively disturb an area of important ecological value, and would be detrimental and harmful to the woodlands and greenspaces of the area, and to the animal and plant species that inhabit them.”

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