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'Can we create a fairer Scotland for all?', Cumbernauld's Kevin Hayes blogs for Cumbernauld Media

Written by Kevin Hayes.
Published at 23:12 GMT on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

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IN A blog for Cumbernauld Media, Kevin Hayes, local resident and Socialist Party member asks, “Can we create a fairer Scotland for all?”

Can we create a fair, equal and free Scotland with justice for all?  That is the question of many people’s lips at the moment.  Almost 50% of the electorate think we can.

Since the launch of the YES and NO campaigns the internet has been buzzing the world over with everyone chiming in with their two cents on how Scotland should be governed. I think it’s good that Scotland is getting so much attention from something like this rather than because we released a known terrorist from prison and sent him back home.

The YES campaign is being spearheaded by the ruling Scottish National Party who have stressed that the day after the referendum, no matter the outcome, that Scotland will always be ‘one nation’, and that is something I can agree with.  However, no matter how you see Scotland right now, as one nation or a province of a unionised country, the issue of sovereignty takes paramount.

Much anger has arisen lately with former Chancellor Dennis Healey confirming that North Sea Oil revenue was artificially lowered to suppress an already growing outcry over Scotland’s sovereignty and is being repeated again today. It’s such a cheap and dirty trick I’m not surprised that such nonsense is being spouted by the much hated Tories. But in 2013 the people of Scotland have said that they will not be tricked again by the UK government. Let’s hope they show it in 2014.

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Also supporting an independent Scotland is the Scottish Socialist Party who, unlike the SNP, is in support of a Scottish Republic and hope to reform many policies from economics and welfare to an increase on minimum wage. 

As a supporter of the SSP, I can only worry that an independent Scotland led under the SNP would not reach its full potential, and keeping an unelected Head of State after independence hardly changes Scotland’s sovereignty. Yes, I would like to vote for a president as of course that would mean we would be paying a Head of State for actually doing some work. Not to bash the Royal Family (too much) but the amount we have spent as a nation with regards to the royal wedding and the Queen’s jubilee is outrageous. The family worth over £30 million are still mooching from the tax payer.

Also, the SNP and Labour councillors have done very little to improve and maintain our natural and woodland areas.  As a proud resident of Cumbernauld I have noticed that our once flowing river that runs down to and through the village has dried up and since been used as a skip. Some of the items currently cluttering up our old rivers are shopping trollies, old baby prams and oil drums.  What does it mean for your town when you pass by oil drums dumped into a dried up river bed?

Like anywhere else in Scotland, the polls on independence are mixed in Cumbernauld with some people still undecided. Well I say get decided! This isn’t like going to the polling station during the General or Scottish elections, not bothering about who you vote for because it turns out they are all useless. The 2014 referendum will be sealing our future and how we live our lives.

I will be hoping to see a massive turn out on polling day 2014 – queues packed with people eager to put their democratic right to good use to make Scotland a fairer and more just nation to live in, because if you don’t turn out to vote then I don’t want to hear any moaning from you about how the system has failed you – because you have failed the system.

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